About us

In 2021 we, Camee and Percy, started our own brand PawStory®. With this brand we try to create toys with a beautiful design and play into current trends. Toys that are fun for both dog and owner. For this we have started a collaboration with an experienced partner and manufacturer. Together we come up with the cutest and funniest toys of only the best quality. This is of course tested by Charlie, our Labrador x Border Collie cross-breed. She is born in 2020. Our partners have been active as dog toy manufacturers for over 20 years, working with only the best brands. We strive to bring out a small collection with cool themes every time! Keep an eye out for us to discover the latest dog toys with a fun twist.

Our main inspiration is our dear dog Charlie. Besides being the first to try out all our toys, she is also our motivation! There is nothing like seeing our own dog having fun with our toys. She loves our crinkle squeak toys. A great feast to behold. Where all toys were destroyed after some time, she now learns to keep plush toys in one piece!